Rum Royale is an introduction to, and celebration of, all things rum. Over the last ten years, rum, a category with a deep history and a loyal fan base all over the world, has quickly evolved from a budget-friendly mixer into a premium spirit. Whether you’re new to rum or a life-long rum aficionado, our goal is to show you a new side to the world of rum and rum culture.   


Toronto Festival What could be better than sampling the diversity of rum? Pairing that rum with regional cuisine, all the while enjoying entertainment from the great rum-producing areas of the world. Our inaugural festival kicks off on May 22nd with a rum dinner, followed by our tasting day, which will be held on May 23rd, at Locomotive Hall, Steam Whistle Brewing.  

We close off the festival with a day of seminars for those who want to delve a little deeper. From keynote speakers to panels to a documentary, we will shed light on rum, it's fascinating history and its current rise in the spirit world.


Throughout the weekend we’ll also showcase our local bar community with a cocktail competition, as well as pop-up rum events around the city.