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Rum Royale is an introduction to, and celebration of all things rum. Over the past decade, rum, a category with a deep history and a loyal global fan base, has quickly evolved from a budget-friendly mixer into a premium spirit. Whether you’re new to rum or a life-long rum aficionado, our goal is to show a whole new way to look at rum and the thriving community with rum culture at its epicentre.  We provide rum facts, cocktail recipes, and events to show case this diverse spirit, and hope to bring Canada it's first premium rum festival soon! 


Our vision to redefine rum is built on five pillars.

1. Education and Awareness

Our focus is on raising awareness of all aspects of rum through hosting and promoting rum-focused events within Canada and globally.  Through rum education, we hope to create a larger category awareness throughout the spirit and hospitality industries, as well as increase consumer interest locally and globally.


2. Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

They’re more than just words for us. They’re the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we build our events, cultivate safe spaces, and build relationships that foster a brand and community that’s the right fit for every person. We have a global and multicultural following and we want to reflect that inside our events. Please read our Code of Conduct for more details.

3. Sustainability

Our goal is to reduce our footprint on Earth.  We want to ensure we do as much as we can to eliminate single-use plastics and packaging in an effort to be as low-waste as possible. By working with green-focused partners, we will source products that reflect our values and those of our followers.  


4. Arts & Culture

Rum is a global spirit and produced in a variety of regions with their own cultural identity. In some of these areas, rum is such a big part of the local culture that it’s integrated into the daily lives of those communities. We believe in promoting local arts and culture surrounding rum and rum production and strive to showcase these passions with the larger rum community and beyond.

5. Community Involvement

We believe in working closely with our communities and supporting where we can. Whether it’s partnering with local organizations or engaging with ones that affect positive change in rum-producing communities, we will always do our part.

Rum Royale is a proud ambassador of Dandelion Initiative’s

“Now Serving: Safer Bars & Spaces Program”. For more information,

please visit

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